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"For me, sharing was always part of the joy of eating."
I love the idea of sharing delicious, flavorful, convenient food with people all over the world.
So I partnered with a team of creative chefs to cook up a whole new line of my favorite foods... each with a nutritious TWIST. Because why shouldn't the comfort foods you love, love you back?
And when I tasted O, That's Good! for the first time, I said, "This tastes like home". That's how good it is. It's real, delicious nutritiousness you can share with your family.
Because I believe that food, just like everything else, is always better when you share it. -Oprah
"I think everything in life is better when you share it. And good food is meant to be shared."
Ten percent of Mealtime Stories’ profits will be equally split between charitable organizations Rise Against Hunger and Feeding America to support the fight against hunger. In 2018, a donation of at least $100,000 will be contributed to these organizations.
"Everything's better when you share it."
- Oprah
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